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What is a Cold Sore and How Do You get Them?

What is a Cold Sore and How Do You get Them?

This site is dedicated to answering the question “what is a cold sore” and providing you with facts about cold sores and in our e-book, The Ultimate Cold Sore Cures, we divulge the secrets of a holistic cure for your cold sores.

A Typical Cold Sore

To answer the question it is first appropriate that we consider in short what cold sores are, why and how we come to get them and then and only then, consider the range of available cold sore remedies.

What exactly are cold sores – How do you get cold sores?

Between 70 and 90 percent of people in The usa are thought to have suffered from cold sores.

They are sometimes also referred to as fever blisters and they usually form on the lips and around the mouth. But still be need to address that most fundamental of questions “how do you get a cold sore“?

The usual process is that you will feel a tingling feeling and notice the appearance of a small red sore. Left untrreated this will swell and eventually pop and discharge fluid before scabbing.

This process can take up to two weeks and during this time you will suffer from extreme discomfort and your social life may be somewhat curtailed.

What is the cause of cold sores?

The answer as many will know, is the Herpes Simplex Virus, type 1 (HSV1) Whilst HSV1 is responsible for all cold sore type sores, there is another form known as HSV2 which is responsible for the sexually transmitted disease Herpes.

Great care needs to be exercised because the virus is so easily spread. The barest form of physical contact can be enough for someone to catch HSV1.

HSV1 is so powerful a strain that you can even get it by something as everyday as sharing utensils and even a razor.

You should beware of kssing an infected person also. Cold sores can very quickly spread from the original site to other parts of your face, mouth and lips if you do not exercise great care during your outbreak.

What are the symptoms of cold sores?

So, what is a cold sore? Before there are any physical signs you will often feel a burning type of tingling feeling on your lips as they experience the early signs of the cold sore. You may suffer from a sore throat and also swollen glands. Cold sore treatments are the next logical topic and we will consider those in our next blog post.

Jun 26

Cold Sore Causes – The Ultimate Cold Sore Cures

So, exactly what is a cold sore? Fever blisters, more frequently referred to as cold sores, are very commonplace in America. So much so in fact that between 20 and 30 percent of the population of the U.S. suffer form them. The cold sore is the most commonplace form of the herpes simplex virus type 1 or HSV1 which causes all such infections above waist level.

A Typical Cold Sore

The next logical question is ‘how do you get cold sores‘? HSV1 can be distinguished from its sister virus, HSV2 which causes sexually transmitted Herpes. As a matter of fact, more than 85 percent of the world’s population has been infected with HSV-1. Your first experience of the virus is likely to be painful and can last a long time. If you have subsequent outbreaks you can expect these to be shorter in duration and less painful.

It is commonplace for the initial outbreak to spread significantly so that you often get cold sores in your mouth, throat, gums and on your tongue as well as around your mouth. This is called gingivostomatitis. First time sufferers are frequently children in the age bracket between 6 months and 3 years of age who seem particularly vulnerable to the infection. The common symptoms are extreme pain, high fever, swollen lymph nodes and it can be painful to swallow whilst infected with the virus. You should notice that the symptoms resolve themselves naturally in a week or just over. During this time you should keep an eye out for signs of dehydration and see to it that that your child keeps their fluids up. Water-based popsicles are sometimes used to provide hydration and pain relief.

Once a person has been exposed to the herpes simplex virus, the virus remains in certain cells in the body and can reactivate at any time. There are many other circumstances in which the virus can be reactivated included amongst which are over exposure to the harmful rays of the sun and fever. When the virus is reactivated we once again suffer from cold sores or fever blisters. Cold sores traditionally occur in and around the corners and edges of the mouth. Lasting for up to a week in some circumstances, cold sores form ugly red ulcers on the mouth, often breaking open and secreting a puss type fluid before crusting over. Typically the worst pain and suffering from the symptoms will be in the very early hours of the outbreak. Although sufferers commonly get outbreaks about twice a year, some unfortunates can endure outbreaks of cold sores up to 5-6 times a year.

Recurrent infections are often preceded by a prodrome, symptoms that appear before the outbreak occurs. Frequently the appearance of cold sores will be preceded by painful tingling burning sensations on the lips and mouth region. You can expect these symptoms to last for up to two days before the outbreak.

Although not life threatening, cold sores are one of the most highly contagous infections known to man and are easily spread by saliva or other direct contact.  At least next time you are askled the question what is a cold sore and how do you get cold sores, you’ll know the answers to both.

Oct 29

How Do You Treat Cold Sores – What Is The Best Cold Sore Treatment?

Now that we have studied the vexed question ‘what is a cold sore‘ and ‘how do you get cold sores‘, let’s look further at treatment options. Most over the couter methods look only to resolve the obvious visible symptoms of your cold sores. Letting your cold sores heal themselves naturally may be an option for some people because in truth, cold sores have a clear cut lifespan and will heal on their own given enough time. If you are not one to tolerate in silence however, there are certain cold sore treatments available which you can avail yourself of. So what is the best cold sore treatment?

A Dreadful Cold Sore

And if the alternative is that your social life goes on the back burner for some time you may be someone who prefers quick decisive action. If creams, pills or balms are your treatment of choice then there is a great choice of expensive product out there just waiting for you to free the mothballs from your wallet.

If it’s a permanent cure you are after then good luck because HSV1 is actually incurable. The virus remains with you as a permanent legacy and cold sores will reoccur from time to time when the right set of conditions exist in your body. Examples are stress or when you are feeling run down.

Is the future prevention of cold sores even a viable option if this is the case?

For some people a good quality ointment in the form of a lip balm may help.

The best way of course is to make sure that you never come into contact with the virus by avoiding sharing utensils or bodily fluids with an infected person.

Once you have the virus it becomes about management of the triggers which cause cold sores to reoccur. These include over exposure to the sun, stress and poor personal hygiene.

The world is full of people who do nothing and those who take action. If you are one of the latter then click through and check out the cold sore treatments which are available in our awesome new e-book which you will only find on this website. We have managed to keep the price of the book down by cutting out the middle men, affiliates and sites such as clickbank.

To make sure you do not have to suffer ever again, go right now and check out our home page and get your copy of our wonderful cold sore treatments.

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How Do You Get A Cold Sore?

How Do You Get A Cold Sore

What is a cold sore“. That is the sixty thousand dollar question which we cover in this post. We’ve pretty much all had them and don’t want them again thank you very much.

But first let’s take a look at cold sores, what they are, why we get them and how they are traditionally treated.

After looking at what they are we also look at how do you get cold sores as our next topic.

In fact if you have not had cold sores you are in a very small minority.

The lips are the most conventional site for cold sores to appear but they do sometimes appear around the mouth also. But this hasn’t yet answered the question ‘how do you get cold sores‘!

They usually manifest themselves as red sores which become swollen and in time, break open and ooze a clear fluid, after which they scab over and eventually heal.

You can expect your social life to go down the toilet for up to a fortnight as the sores run their path.

At this time we are still none the wiser as to what actually causes our cold sores?

An incurable virus, the HSV1 virus is the culprit, causing all herpes related sores above the waist and all cold sores. Whilst cold sores are a manifestation of the HSV1 virus the more serious genital disease Herpes is a product of the related HSV2 virus.

If you are a cold sore sufferer then great care is called for because the sores are highly transmissible and easily spread from one person to another. Any kind of contact with another person can see them catch this highly infectious virus.

However it is not widely known that you can also contract the virus by coming into contact with infected fluid by something as simple as sharing utensils or a razor.

So easily spread is this virus that it can be caught even by kissing an infected person. Another little known detail is that the cold sores will very often spread to other regions of your face, lips, mouth and even your nose if you are not very careful.

After looking at how you get a cold sore we will look at the symptoms you might experience.

We return to the question, what is a cold sore? Early signs of cold sores will include a tingling feeling in the spot which will be the site of the sore. Common symptoms usually include a dry and sore throat as well as obviously swollen glands in your neck. The issue of cold sore treatments becomes hugely topical and we will look at the range of options next time.

Sep 23

Cold Sore Treatments – A Misnomer?

This is the blog page of what is a cold sore. we have previously looked at questions which come up all the time such as “how do you get a cold sore” We have answered all your questions about the expected life cycle of a cold sore.

So you might agree that it is a logical progression that we should now move onto discussing the very best cold sore treatments available. There’s no point beating around the bush, once you have HSV1 you have it. It will be with you for ever so get used to it.

The number of outbreaks you get can in numerous cases be directly related to lifestyle factors which you can control and which we discuss in our digital e-book and will highlight in future articles on this site.

A nasty example of a cold sore

Being in no doubt about ‘how do you get a cold sore’ we should now start to examine in some depth the wide range of cold sore treatments available. The exciting fact is that there are cold sore treatments which can help you cheaply and immediately and in our wonderful new digital e-book we reveal all the best kept secrets in this area.

We would be lying if we did not say that some of the over the counter and prescription medicines availabel from your drugstore work pretty well and in our digital ebook we discuss the best of these cold sore treatments also. If you’ve got deep pockets then this might not represent an issue for you in the quest towards a cold sore treatment that works. None of these prescriptions come cheap.

We give an unprejudiced overview of the best of these balms, creams and prescriptions in our marvellous new e-book. Every person’s experience of cold sores will be different nevertheless on average we can say that an outbreak will typically last for 8-14 days. What these medicines can do is cut that period down to lessen the length of your suffering.

What we found in the course of our study was that there are also some things you can do yourself without expensive medicines and that these cold sore treatments will work equally as well in shortening your episode.

The bottom line is that there are different cold sore treatments which will shorten your outbreak of cold sores and save you money at the same time and to discover them you need to get your copy of our new ebook now.

Sep 11

Treatments Not To Try For Your Fever Blisters

This is your latest blog post in a series from what is a cold sore. If it’s information on cold sores you want then you are in the right place. We have revealed in previous blogs the answer to the question ‘how do you get cold sores‘ and also revealed the secrets of short term cold sore treatment options.

If you want weird and wonderful then we will give it to you. What some folks have tested in treating their cold sores almost beggars belief. Then in future posts we will look at longer term ways of keeping the virus at bay. What we are about to divulge to you falls in the category of ‘don’t try this at home folks’. The weird and wacky things some people have tried truly stunned us during the course of our research.

Without further ado, here are the things you should not try under any circumstances.

Do not Use Bleach

Pure undliuted bleach is probably the most unusual thing we came across in our search. Unbelievably, a number of peole actually felt it was a good method to use this straight onto their affected area. If you apply bleach directly onto your mouth our research shows that this is a very dangerous move.

Surprisingly we have actually heard of some people recommending the use of their own urine as a cold sore treatment. You should definintely not try this alleged cold sore treatment people.

In a close 3rd place comes methylated spirits. As cold sore treatments go we say just stay right away from this one people. Although probably genuine that the methylated spirits would dry the affected area of the sore it does not otherwise possess healing qualities.

Nail polish remover is the 4th and last cold sore treatment used by some study subjects which we can’t vouch for. As with all things there are several who will always swear that nail polish remover is the best cold sore treatment you can use at home. We cannot agree after exhaustive study. We simply cannot advocate this as a cold sore treatment option.

All this and much more is what you can expect from the fantastic ebook The Ultiamte Cold Sore Cures.

Sep 04

Treatment Options for HSV1

Welcome to the blog page of what is a cold sore. When it comes to cold sores there are certain questions that a huge number of people ask for the answers to each and every month. The same questions pop up in browsers the world over month after month including primarily the vexed questions ‘what is a cold sore‘ and ‘how do you get cold sores’

To recap, we have observed that cold sores are caused by a virus, the HSV1 virus. The HSV1 virus is such a virulent strain that once caught, it remains in your system for the rest of your life. Therefore, armed with the answer to the question ‘what is a cold sore‘, we now need to know a bit about cold sore treatments. At this stage I have to say there is good news and bad news! Well, let’s start with the bad to get it out of the way. This is a virus so strong, so permanent that once you have it there is no getting rid of it, ever. The only thing you can do is try to take steps to ensure that it does not get reactivated and cause new outbreaks of cold sores. The strategies and techniques which you can engage will be showed in future blog posts on this very website so keep an eye out.

However, if it’s immediate help and easing you are seeking there is actually some good news amongst the gloom. There are things you can do, tips and tricks you can employ to reduce the time of your cold sore episode. After years of research and study we can now reveal the secrets of short term cold sore treatment and we have done so in our wonderfully popular new e-book.

In the first portion of our script to be fair to big drug companies we discuss the best of the best prescription medicines available on the market. It would be wrong of us to say that there are not some of these cold sore treatments which do not make a difference. In addition to possibly shortening the length of your suffering you should feel some relief from pain. What they will not do is prevent future outbreaks which is what we look at in later parts of the digital e-book.

To find out the ways in which you can ensure that you do not suffer from future outbreaks check out the e-book on our home page of what is a cold sore.

Aug 30

Can the Lifecycle Of The HSV1 Virus Be Altered?

What is the life cycle of a cold sore? After all, we should be now know the answers to the questions “what is a cold sore” and “How do you get a cold sore” as we have addressed those in past articles on this site.

So how many cold sore treatments are there available? Possibly before looking into that, and to truly answer the question “what is a cold sore“  we should take time to consider the typical life span of a cold sore. You see, the issue is that if left unchecked and untreated, the HSV1 vrus and the sores it causes, have a distinct lifespan which will traditionally last between 8-14 days. This will always depend on certain individual lifestyle factors in the particular person’s makeup.

A Typical Cold Sore

All cold sore sufferers will be familiar with the first stage of the cycle. It will start with an itch. That will be followed by or accompanied with a warm tingling feeling on your lips and sure enough, that spot will be where the cold sore will occur. As we will hear in future posts if you attack the sore early you can sometimes nip it in the bud at this stage. Be ready for the next phase in the cycle. If you fail to nip the sore in the bud then you will almost certainly get a small crimson sore similar to a zit.

What began as a small spot will soon grow inflamed and sore and the itching feeling will get worse. Unless you are in good shape physically and have strong antibodies, you will end up with full blown cold sores in this period of the cycle.

The cold sore develops into an ulcer like sore and will be filled with an oozing pus. Eventually the ulcer like cold sore will pop open and you need to be very mindful of not spreading the fluid which oozes from it when this happens, for fear of spreading the sores across your face or even to others.

After the sores pop they will scab and if you have not used any form of cold sore treatment you should find that after 10-14 days you will be free of cold sores. The bigger issue is perhaps whether this natural healing cycle can be sped up by using any of the cold sore treatments available.

What readers will really be after however is a long term lasting solution. A cold sore treatment which really works and which gives you the chance to be cold sore free. We will discuss such treatments in future posts. For now, we hope you have a better idea when it comes to “what is a cold sore“.

Aug 26

Lifestyle Factors are Hugely Relevant

Welcome to this latest post on our ‘what is a cold sore‘ website. We have answered your most pressing questions including ‘what is a cold sore‘ and ‘how do you get cold sores‘. In addition, we’ve looked at the virus which causes cold sores, the life cycle of an outbreak and some readily available cold sore treatments which are available over the counter.

But now that we’ve covered all the formalities and we know the answer to ‘how do you get cold sores‘ we will continue with our preview of the fantastic new ebook available only on this site. It is titled “The Ultimate Cold Sore Cures” and it is a work which we are immensely proud of. The next section of the book which we now propose to discuss in this post, is that which deals with lifestyle factors and cold sore treatments.

Now I know this isn’t going to be something which many readers will want to take on board but it is a simple and incontrovertible fact that our lifestyle in the United States today is a big part of the problem. We live in an increasingly fast paced, pressure packed world and one of the casualties for many families has been something as simple as the home cooked family meal where all sit down at the dinner table together.

Instead, there has been a proliferation of fast food restaurants, pre packaged microwave food and convenience has become the order of the day. Well by now you’ll have guessed that diet is one of the lifestyle factors which definitely has an effect on people who have a propensity to suffer from cold sores.

Green Vegetables

Keeping a balanced diet with lots of green leafy vegetables and fruits is a very important factor, not just in avoiding cold sores frankly. The secret is in having a strong balanced immune system and it is fundamental that to achieve this, we have a balanced diet, engage in a moderate amount of regular exercise, manage stress as best we can and have regular and consistent sleep patterns.

The amount of oxygen in your bloodstream is pivotal to fighting infection and regular exercise helps promote a better flow of oxygen. There are many other cold sore treatments which focus on oxygen therapies and we will be highlighting those more in future posts and to get the very best commentary ever on this and the best cold sore treatments known you need to get a copy of our ebook now.

Stress is not only a killer but it is also something which triggers infections. When we are run down or in a high state of anxiety due to stress, we are more susceptible to infection. The very best cold sore treatments are holistic in nature and deal with a whole body approach to dealing with the virus.

We hope you have enjoyed this post and invite you to read more in upcoming excerpts on this site as we delve deeper into cold sore treatments available.

Aug 21

Can You Beat Cold Sores?

In previous articles we have looked in depth at the questions ‘how do you get a cold sore‘ and ‘what is a cold sore‘. Now we will look further at treatment alternatives. The accepted traditional system of dealing with cold sores is to treat the outer symptom only. Electing to take no action at all is an option for some because, given enough time, your cold sores will eventually heal naturally. There are however some short term ways of dealing with your cold sores. If that is true, this raises the obvious follow-on question ‘what is the best cold sore treatment?

A nasty example of a Cold Sore.

And if the option is that your social life goes on the back burner for some time you may be someone who prefers quick decisive action. Most over the counter prescriptions come in the form of pills, creams and ointments.

The HSV1 virus is of course incapable of being cured forever. HSV1 virus will be with you for life once you have caught it and when you least expect it, the virus will trigger and cause you to suffer from cold sores again and again.

If the HSV1 virus is to be your permanent companion this does rather call into question whether in fact there is anything you can do to ensure that you do not suffer future outbreaks of cold sores?

Keeping a good quality lip balm to hand can be useful.

The best way of course is to make sure that you never come into contact with the virus by avoiding sharing utensils or bodily fluids with an infected person.

If you’ve contracted the virus then in reality the best you can hope for is to minimize your chances of future outbreaks by managing the known triggers such as stress, exposure to too much sun and poor hygiene.

But, the good news is that there are steps you can take towards cold sore treatment and we share the very best of these cold sore treatments in our fabulous new e-book available only through this site. We’ve managed to keep the price down by not entering into any affiliate programs.

To make sure you do not have to suffer ever again, go right now and check out our home page and get your copy of our wonderful cold sore treatments.

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